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Here is what people are saying about Chris Adams:

Dawn Sullivan Health Advisor

When Chris found out that I was generating 40-50 leads a day, he asked me how I was handling all those people, I responded and said my desk was covered with index cards. Chris helped me understand how I needed to plan for success in my business before I even achieved it. Automating parts of my business has allowed me to spend more time building relationships and training my team.

Tony Incassati Health Coach

I first met Chris in Chicago for a mentorship mastermind seminar. Chris has been following my entrepreneurial journey ever since and he just recently reached out to me because he saw an event I was promoting to launch my first ebook. Chris invited me onto his page to help promote my first launch! That was super cool and was a lot of fun. And, after the broadcast, we chatted about a few business ideas to think about as I start to grow to help me prepare for six figures!

Gary Hill Network Marketing

It's clear Chris is an entrepreneur. I've been working with him for just about a year and without him I wouldn't have a fan page, or my health bootcamp email series. Chris helped me realize that the value isn't in the products I was selling but in the 'value' that I am providing them; the solution to solve their pain. And, that's what my bootcamp talk about. Thanks, Chris!

Kat Krasilnikov Social Media Mentor

When you see the title 'Chief Technology Officer', you think that he's is going to be talking all 'techy'. But, honestly, Chris really focuses on how home-based businesses don't have to sacrifice financial freedom for time-freedom. And, Chris really hammers that home. Chris will tell you that you can't get to seven-figures until you get to six. So true!

Nick and Jen Hunting for a Healthy Life

Chris helped us put together our first lead magnet for our website and worked with us on what programs to use, but more importantly how they work together to create automation; letting technology create more time-freedom. Our simple funnel brings people into our business 24/7! And, with that done...all we do is focus on bringing value to our fans!

Mike Gostola Co-Founder Mike & Carla

Chris' knowledge and understanding of marketing, technology, and automation will help propel your business to six figures by preparing and teaching you how to use technology to leverage your time and duplicate yourself! Chris really brings his 20 years of experience in working with small businesses in technology to the table. Thank you, Chris!


The first is what programs do I use to create my technology foundation because what 
we chose to use will need to grow as our business does.

The second is how to the programs work together and not against each other
because using a rogue application is counter productive and frustrating.

The third is how to use them to grow your relationships 
with your customers and your team.

 Technology Allows You to Create

 Leveraged Time!

Technology can help you leverage your most precious resource...your time.  Tech allows us to automate.  And, with automation you get MORE time freedom with financial freedom.

Duplication Without Burnout!

Burnout is one of the leading causes of entrepreneurs failing.  This is fixed by using the right technology to help duplicate your efforts and keep you focused on other tasks. 

Financial Time Freedom!

What is financial success when you sacrifice more of your time.  You set out to set your own schedule, be your own boss and control your financial future. We use technology to achieve both.

Become the Likable Expert!

  • Are you struggling with social media?
  • Confused about what platform you use?
  • Leery of putting yourself online?
  • Are you afraid of negative comments?

All of these things can be eliminated with the right marketing strategy. Social Media in some cases has made it easier to grow a business. But, in most cases, small business owners and entrepreneurs don't understand that taking your business online requires a new set of skills, a new discipline and most importantly, time.

Social Media is not a one-size fits all solution. There are some very strategic steps that you need to be taking to separate yourself from all the competition and be a beacon of light for people looking for you and your solution. You need to become the likable expert. And, we can do that by choosing the right Social Media platform and building an audience that can follow you and take your expert advice.

Find out if you have the skills and understanding to take your business online by taking my simple quiz.