3 Steps My Wife used to Automate her Business Online so She Could Spend more Time with our Kiddos!

While it’s FREE to use social media to connect with people and promote your products, that doesn’t automatically translate into rank advancements, incentive trips, a new car, or MORE profits!

Frankly, it’s quite the opposite.

And maybe you landed here because you’ve found out the hard way.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

You want to build online because you see the benefits and the opportunity and don’t want to:

  • hound friends and family until your calls go unanswered and texts are ignored (humiliating!)...
  • waste time doing home meetings and dealing with the no-shows...

  • continue to prospect in a cold market because it’s inefficient and your time is scarce...
  • and then endure the ultimate insult... people blocking you on Facebook!

Or maybe it’s just something actually want to work from home.

Obviously we both know that using social media works because we’ve seen it and read about it.

Okay, so let’s just get to the point…but, if you are in a rush and don't have time to read this full post, click here to check out the FREE 10 day Attraction Marketing Video Series and get started right NOW or just continue to reading... 

Ok, saweet, you made the first decision in wanting to build online and here’s your first quick lesson:

Nobody should be able to see or know what company you are with and / or what products you sell!  

Now you’re thinking, how does that work?

How can I sell my products if I don’t tell or show them? Nike does it! Why can’t I?

Good question...but the answer is pretty simple: You aren’t Nike.

Ironically, and I’m being serious here, they started out just like you.

Think about it like this...

Nike started back in 1964 and was co-founded by the track coach at University of Oregon, Bill Bowerman.

Bill was known for ruining his wife’s irons while creating these custom ‘waffle’ running shoes in his garage.

What sold the shoe and would eventually launch Nike into a global brand, as we know it today… was not the name ‘Nike’...

Nope. It was the benefits and features of the shoe.

It could grip and was lightweight. Both key benefits for runners to win races.

And, more importantly; features and benefits the runners wanted.

You see, people want to know what’s in it for me.  In this case, runners wanted to win!

Nike didn’t have a brand yet, nobody knew the name or recognized the iconic swoosh symbol, they just had a product that had some great benefits that the other shoes didn’t.

Back to my point: people don’t care about your product...what they care about are the benefits.

Now, the bigger questions do I build a brand online to sell my products without selling my products?

That is a great question and here are...

Three Strategic Steps for a successful online business:  

Step #1: You must have a strong Mindset:

You must be ready to handle being comfortable in the unknown.

You are not going to learn this overnight...this is a journey and you’re going to need to respect it.

Think about it this way:  When you learn a new profession, what usually happens?

You might have on-the-job training or maybe a weekend seminar to attend.  Maybe its a video or a series of video's you need to watch.  There might even be a skills test.    

The point is, most times you just don't show up understanding how it all works.  You definitely don't show up and start guessing about how 'you think' it works. 

There's a learning process, new skills and terminology, a workflow and other procedures necessary to be successful at your new position.  Especially if it's a new industry for you.  

Moving your business online does make a lot of sense; both strategically and financially. But let's get our mindset aren't going to learn everything at once or overnight.

Remember my Nike reference above.  That first shoe wasn't the first shoe and it wasn't fabricated overnight.  It took trial and error, practice, patience, commitment and resilience.

And, those are the traits of a strong mindset you will need.

Having a strong mindset will also help you overcome peer-pressure.  A lot of companies aren't comfortable with distributors using social media. 

Some of this might come from compliance fears about a distributor making false claims.

It could be that your upline just isn't comfortable because they don't understand or maybe they have a fear of the unknown.

In either case, there is bound to be some resistance and having the right mindset will be key in your transition.  

Listen, I know this sounds easy, but I can't stress this enough and I'm not going to sugar coat it... 

You are going to hit some bumps in the road.  It's going to be frustrating at times, but as you start to develop these new skills and apply them and start seeing results and the pieces start to fall into place, it will all be worth it. 

Have you heard enough?  Trick question! 🙂  But, seriously, if you are ready to learn more just click here for the FREE 10 day Attraction Marketing Video Series and get started right NOW!  

Ok, now that we have our mind right, we need a plan.    

Step #2: Have a solid Game Plan:

This might sound a little silly but you’re going to need a plan of attack.

Without one you risk wasting time and money on trying to figure out this online ‘thingy’.

The first thing you can do RIGHT NOW is use Active social media recruiting.  

With just a simple personal Facebook account, you can use a simple process much like what you do offline today except that you are doing it online.  

This can produce some results quickly (massive results) and you can duplicate it but, it is very time intensive because: 

  • check
    You're always posting.
  • check
    You're always engaging.
  • check
    You're always interacting with people.

Most of the time, (and this is the route we took) people will move beyond simple social media recruiting stuff, because they want to create more leverage in their business and to free up more of their time.  

Then naturally the next phase is using Passive social media recruiting.  

Which is really about providing value; features and benefits to your audience (prospects). 

This was the big Aha moment for us...these three terms make sense but when you put them in this will transform your business. 

  • check
    Grow your tribe by providing value!
  • check
    Engage with your tribe when they reach out to you!
  • check
    Promote your product to your red hot prospects!

What makes this so powerful is that you are attracting people to you because you are providing value.  You can do this with Facebook lives, blog posts or shared posts from other leaders.  

By providing value, your audience will start to grow.  There are several techniques here that are beyond the scope of this blog but, prospects will start to engage and reach out to you via comments, messenger, skype or a video chat.

This is the skill of attraction marketing and you can learn more about it here in the FREE 10 day Attraction Marketing Video Series

Once your prospects have started to know and like you...they will soon start to trust you. 

When that trust is established then we can start to promote or introduce our product/service.  Or, better yet, they just come right out and ask.

When you start to implement this strategy by mastering this skill, by the time people reach out to you they're 90% sold!

And, when you set the right funnel up, and learn yet another valuable skill, it will be automatic.

I just want you to imagine with wake up in the morning, get your coffee, fire up the laptop, check your email and, BAM...there it your inbox.

You have a new Lead!

I remember seeing my first lead and while it was full of emotion, it was also a sense of achievement.

I won't even to try and explain what it was like when I got my first commission email.

But...I'll show it to you! 

Here is a five day stretch: 8 leads and a commission.

Those are people reaching out to us because we are providing value and then someone took it one step further and made a purchase.  And, it was all...


Yes, I know you might not now what a funnel is but neither did we. 

But, more importantly, how would that make you feel seeing those emails in your inbox?   

And, honestly, I STILL LOVE to see those emails.

The last step might be the most overlooked but equally important to the overall strategy...  

Step #3: Have Strong Mentorship:

It’s going to be very difficult to achieve what I just talked about without some help.

When you started with your Network Marketing Company didn’t someone help and train you?

Do you read personal development books?  Do you have a life coach?  

We have those things for several reasons.  

First, we want to follow someone who has knowledge and experience.

Second, they help as a support mechanism.  

I also think they act as an accountability figure.

I don't golf but if I wanted to learn, I could do it one of two ways.

I could go buy some clubs, drive out to the course, buy my green fee, and head off to the first tee and start whackin' away.

And, it's possible to have success with this approach.  But, is that what you really want to do is start whacking away at your business and hope to figure out how to make it work.   

If I really want to at least enjoy the game, build some skills, learn the correct hand position, how to hold the club head, and etc., I would find a mentor or a coach.

I would find a mentor to teach me the skills to play the game.  The strategy doesn't change but the courses do but if you have the right skills you can play them all. 

And, that is exactly what we found with our mentorship and coaching.  And, not only did we find a mentor, but we found an entire community through Google+ and other private Facebook groups.  

And, those communities are so invaluable.  The support, breadth of knowledge, encouragement and friendships are not easily found in any business.      

I've been on several coaching calls during the evening (my local time) and we have peeps from the UK, Ireland and even Australia all staying up late (or early) just to be on those calls.  

Why?  Because the mentorship and coaching is that good.

Lastly, having a coach and an active community to rely on won’t leave you feeling abandoned or insecure about what to do next.

The Question is Simple.

Are you going to keep whacking away at using social media to grow your business?

Or do you think it's time to start learning a new strategy?  And the skills to automate your business?

Listen, Darice and I had typical success in the first six months after we joined our company. We got some friends and family to sign-up as customers and even got my dad signed up as a distributor.

Darice and I at our first company event

Our part-time side hustle was turning into a full-time-after-work hustle.

The concept of learning how to build our business online using passive recruiting strategies that could scale and accelerate our business sounded very exciting!  It’s a little hard to explain but it was like adding some new fuel to the fire. Essentially, a proven way for us to meet and recruit people from all over the world right from our home office.

No more no-shows, no more ignored calls, no more last minute cancellations…

This almost sounded too good to be true.

The entire video series was exceptionally good and if you want to get started just click here FREE 10 day Attraction Marketing Video Series.

The success stories, the skills, the process and how it all worked together was fascinating was proven.  The plan was pretty straight forward. We just needed to follow it, learn the skills and implement the strategy.

It was all laid out.

In just a few months we have created a business fan page with over 1,000 followers.

And, those are not just any random followers; they are entrepreneurs and network marketers.  A result of a targeted marketing skill we have learned.  We have a website with an active blog. We have a sales funnel almost complete but still learning the skills and taking action to get that implemented.  Our new marketing system works 24 hrs a day.  People can find us, connect with us from all over the world. We have people in the UK, Australia, Mexico, Canada and Ireland all following us on our business page.

And, nobody knows what products we sell or what company we are with or the products we sell by visiting our website or following our Facebook pages.

They follow us because we provide value.  We stopped selling.

In the end Darice and I sacrificed some short term pain (lack of growth) in our network marketing business but the knowledge, skills and the people we have met are far-reaching.

Make a note that we didn't stop our business and just move it online.  We still did belly to belly stuff because we are passionate about our products.  

In fact, you might say, we have the best of both worlds.  We get to continue to talk with people while, in the background, our marketing system works to find people looking for us...looking for our value. 

Our biggest achievement.

The decision we make a change and build for the future has allowed us to learn valuable skills that has made our business stronger for the long run. 

Like my Great Grandfather always used to say to me: “son, what you learn, nobody can take away from you.”

Now, I just look at all the craziness going on with network marketers trying to promote their products and company on their social media profile and I just kind of smile and think to, that could have been us.

What’s the lesson?  People don’t care about your products or your company...they want value. They want to know… “what’s in it for me?”

I say, learn how to “Give it to ‘em!” 

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Chris & Darice


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Chris Adams is the President and CEO of ATG Corp. His skills are in business start-ups, technology, and telecom. Chris is passionate about the power of network marketing as he built his entire organization utilizing network marketing with offline tactics. When his Wife joined their first network marketing company, he created Chris Smada to help her and other Network Marketers transition their marketing efforts to social media to create massive leverage and duplication. Chris has his BBA from Boise State University and graduated from Elite Marketing Pro Ignition Internet Business Mentorship Program and is an affiliate member.