Here’s HOW I Convinced My Wife to STOP Prospecting EVERYONE we Meet!

I can’t tell you how nice it is to take the boys to the park and NOT have to think about prospecting.  Seriously.

Our new network marketing strategy has taken a lot of pressure off our business and each other!

And, tonight my wife and I can get a babysitter and go out to dinner and don’t have to spy around looking for new prospects…or solicit the waiter. We can sit down and just enjoy the evening. Weird, right!  

Why you ask? 

You see, in the past, it seemed like whenever my wife and I took an outing with or w/o the boys it was more like a prospecting trip.  

We ALWAYS felt like we were prospecting and I HATED it!

We both have professional lives outside our company and while we love it…it can’t consume us.

We don’t like the idea of harassing family members; stalking people in the parking lot or chasing them across the soccer field.

We surely don’t appreciate last minute home meeting cancellations, ignored texts and flat out lying.  No way we like wasting time and money on uninterested ‘prospects’.

Who does?!  Seriously?!  NOBODY!

But, at the same time, we wanted to GROW our business BIG.  We definitely didn’t want our growth to be stagnant because our list of 100 said no…that didn’t make a lot of sense for us.

We needed that list to grow to 1,000 without having to prospect every single person we met.

Seriously, how long would it take you to grow your database to 1,000?

Listen, to be honest, we are ALWAYS going to be talking about our products and our business…just like we do about other things we like…favorite restaurants, cars, kitchen gadgets and other things we are passionate about.

That’s just human nature…it’s natural to talk about the things you appreciate and like.  I bet just yesterday you talked about something you liked or did that had NOTHING to do with your business…

And, frankly, that is power of network marketing.

My wife and I love our products, our upline and our company.  Of course we are going to share that, but the sense of urgency and the pressure to rank advance, is now NOT necessary.


Because we have new prospects coming into our business via social media that are likeminded. 

My wife and I learned of a supplemental way to help build our business.

This FREE 10 Day Social Media Boot Camp is how it all started for us.

You too can learn to generate a continuous flow of prospects that don’t dodge your calls or ignore your texts and hide from you at the company Christmas party…  

Pro Tip:  This will also demonstrate the pitfalls of using Social Media to build your Network Marketing business.

And, trust me, there is a right way and a VERY wrong way to do this.

It isn’t as easy as just creating a Facebook page.

Creating a facebook page and then spamming your friends and family is still the same thing as harassing them in person.    

My wife and I knew that growing our business on social media was possible but our upline wasn’t very warm and fuzzy because it wasn’t a ‘proven’ way.  

Of course it hasn’t been proven yet by the mass market…the online marketing has only started to begin.

But, there is a small community of affiliate marketers who have figured it out and provided a proven plan.  

The proven strategy behind the 10-day boot camp is exactly what my wife and I are currently using to help us build our business on the Internet.

It’s so AWESOME as we continue to GROW every day!   

Don’t continue to participate in activities with ulterior motives…and ruin the FUN!

Instead, be confident, understand and believe that your business can grow outside of the traditional ways our up-line teaches us!

Why? Because you can learn a new skill in prospecting that leverages the Internet and all the other great technologies.

Don’t be dependent on just your friends and family for your success.

This is our Plan B…and that plan wasn’t going to hinge on just the people we knew; we wanted to meet all kinds of people.

I also believe, that by attaining another source of prospects it helps with the traditional business building.  

You become a little more elusive and when your family sees your business growing but they haven’t been a part of it…hmmm.  

You bet they’ll ask, ‘hey, what’s going on?!’

Signing up for the FREE 10-day boot camp is critical to growing any business (on-line or traditional) using social media.  

And, Trust me, by learning this new skill you can take with you anywhere…it’s POWERFUL!

So powerful, I changed the entire marketing strategy for my offline professional business using the very same concepts in the 10-day boot camp.

Learning to build your business on-line might also lead to other revenue streams (see my blog post here) and other opportunities…

So Answer this for me and REALLY think about your answer:  

In your business right now…can you handle FIVE new prospects a day?

Seriously…what would that do to your business?  To your mindset?  To your team?  To your family?

Wouldn’t that be a great problem to have!  

Darn right!  That was a problem we wanted!

Ssssshhhhhhh!  My wife and I had NO social media experience when we started this.  

And, truth be told…I didn’t even have a facebook page.  

If my wife and I can do it… SO CAN YOU!


Let’s get started…WHAT are you waiting for?

And if you found this content helpful, I would REALLY appreciate your comments below!


About the Author

Chris Adams is the President and CEO of ATG Corp. His skills are in business start-ups, technology, and telecom. Chris is passionate about the power of network marketing as he built his entire organization utilizing network marketing with offline tactics. When his Wife joined their first network marketing company, he created Chris Smada to help her and other Network Marketers transition their marketing efforts to social media to create massive leverage and duplication. Chris has his BBA from Boise State University and graduated from Elite Marketing Pro Ignition Internet Business Mentorship Program and is an affiliate member.