How to Find The Highest Quality Prospects & Recruits on LinkedIn

I was actually quite shocked when GloriaMacDonald showed me the number of new prospects, team members and customers she was able to find on LinkedIn!
I mean seriously, who uses Linkedin?
It turns out… the HIGHEST quality entrepreneur minded prospects can be found on LinkedIn!
If you have been thinking Facebook is too crowded and getting too competitive, I don’t blame you.
Now there are plenty of people who are doing very, VERY WELL marketing on Facebook.


It is a getting tougher.

The competition is growing.

And Facebook is making it more difficult to advertise and even shutting down advertising accounts.

So while it’s still a very viable source for getting new prospects and marketing your business…

But, if your income relies on just ONE… product… strategy… or lead-generation source… YOU ARE ASKING FOR TROUBLE.
Hello LinkedIn! 
I got a sneak preview Gloria’s upcoming webinar on her completely FREE strategy which works like gangbusters.
  • She attracted 1092 highly interested prospects…
  • Generated 45 new sign ups…
  • And 6-Figure growth in just 2 months…
  • All using a FREE strategy with LinkedIn!
 Pretty Awesome Right?

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And that’s exactly what Gloria will be revealing on her Black Friday LIVE Training.

You’ll discover how to turn LinkedIn into another source for generating very high quality leads, and create MUCH MORE stability in your business… making your income even more bulletproof.

Gloria has been getting some incredible results with LinkedIn.

And will be sharing her 5-step system for consistently adding prospects, making sales and enrolling new people.

Her strategy is 100% FREE to implement… and because hardly anyone in our industry is using LinkedIn…

It’s truly an UNTAPPED GOLDMINE. (for now)

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Cheers, ca

About the Author

Chris Adams is the President and CEO of ATG Corp. His skills are in business start-ups, technology, and telecom. Chris is passionate about the power of network marketing as he built his entire organization utilizing network marketing with offline tactics. When his Wife joined their first network marketing company, he created Chris Smada to help her and other Network Marketers transition their marketing efforts to social media to create massive leverage and duplication. Chris has his BBA from Boise State University and graduated from Elite Marketing Pro Ignition Internet Business Mentorship Program and is an affiliate member.